Tired Old Arguments in Defense of Sin

It is usually senseless to argue the Bible or Christian truth with the lost. They do not have the Holy Spirit to guide them and have no real or serious interest in the study of the things of God. From a Christian standpoint you can articulate a good argument that will fall on deaf ears.  Biblical truth has little impact on those who have made up their mind already.  But as believers we need to defend the truth, to “contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 3).  In fact, it is increasingly important that we do so.

The defenders of sinful lifestyles often protect their positions by stating Bible verses or concepts.  It would often seem that they think they know more about the Bible and the Christian faith than any knowledgeable Christian who reads and studies his Bible daily.  The problem is that they really know very little about the Bible and the church is often its own worst enemy by allowing pithy sayings that sound “King James-ish,” or that are half-truths at best, to circulate without being challenged by solid biblical truth.  Worse than this are the many church goers who don’t know enough Bible to articulate an argument in defense of truth.

When it comes to defending the homosexual lifestyle as equal, normal, acceptable, and perfectly fine with God, they make the same tired old arguments.  If we champion the biblical truth that marriage is for one man and one woman, or if we say that homosexual behavior is sinful, they come forth with the lame “all sin is the same to God” argument.  Therefore, as they oft allege we do, to object to one sin, and not another, is hypocrisy.   We know that is not what we are doing but arguing biblical facts with self-professed experts is exasperating at best.

They remind me of the Corinthians whom Paul had to correct, “We are fools for Christ’s sake, but you are wise in Christ!  We are weak, but you are strong!  You are distinguished, but we are dishonored” (1 Cor. 4:10).  We can take the low road and leave them in their human wisdom, of which they are so proud, but let’s consider what their pride proclaims as a defense for sin, “all sin is the same to God.”  Balderdash!  Nonsense!  “God forbid!” But to the professed “Bible expert” who’s only known verse of choice is Matthew 7:1, ripped away from its clear context, it makes perfect sense.  Shall we refute this foolishness?  We shall.

First, let’s observe that there is a confession in the argument.  If all sin is the same then at least we have the admission that homosexuality is sin.  While I know there are some who vehemently argue otherwise, if you say it is not sin then you must also abandon the “all sin is the same” argument.

Let’s be clear, all sin is heinous to God and dreadful for men.  But not all sin is the same!  This is easy to demonstrate biblically.  In the Bible some sins are referred to as “abominations.”  Others are not referred to with that designation.  In the Old Testament God set the death penalty for some 38 specific sins, but not for every single sin.  Jesus said there were two commandments that were greater than the others (Matt. 22:34-40).  In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus compares sins.  He speaks of lust and adultery, hate and murder.  He condemns lust and hate and reminds us that we are accountable to God for our attitudes as well as our actions.  His point is that, for example, all adultery begins with lust.  If you stop the sin at the point of lust then you will never commit adultery.  But make no mistake about it, adultery is a worse sin than lust.  There is more damage done. Murder is worse than hate.  If you doubt this, ask anyone who has lost a loved one to the sin of murder.  Do you really think that God sees all sin the same?  You would have to prove it from the Bible; but that is impossible because it is not there.

Let me answer another point while I’m at it.  Why do people continue to make this odd, unbiblical claim, “all sins are the same to God?” The simple answer is that it is demonic thinking.  They have been deceived by an enemy they don’t even acknowledge exists.  But pride is the more complete answer.  If all sins are the same and we know that lying is a sin then it’s just as bad to lie as it is to commit some form of sexual immorality.  And we know that God, if He does indeed exist, is too good to send someone to hell for a simple lie.  So the syllogism rests on this human logic.  Since lying equals sexual immorality (or whatever particular sin you are defending) then one can commit that sin and have no problem making their case before God (just in case He happens to really exist).  After all, everyone knows that God will be FAIR.  A note to the discerning reader:  you don’t want God to be FAIR, you want Him to be merciful.

Another tired argument that always comes up in this type of discussion is “judge not.”  Here the professed “Bible experts” come forth with their grand knowledge of all things Bible.  Consider an example of  defending sin from a recent social media post on the subject of an “equality ordinance:”  “Judge not, lest ye be judged. Are we not all sinners?” Please.  Of course, everyone is a sinner.  The difference is that a Christian abhors his or her sin.  He tries, with the help of the Holy Spirit to keep short accounts with God through repentance.  But self-professed “Bible experts” defend their sin and make excuses for their particular sin on the basis that everyone does something wrong.  The truth is that they are actually the ones guilty of breaking the “judge not” passage.  We might suggest they read on past Matthew 7:1 and get the whole picture of the judgment Jesus was speaking about.  Save Christ Himself, every man is a sinner.  We are born with a sin nature, we are slaves to sin and the only freedom from sin comes in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  And when you have that relationship you will have a desire to stop sinning.  You will not be able to but if you are genuinely right with God you will want to and you WILL make progress in overcoming sin.  The truth is, when one is truly saved everything changes in regard to an awareness of what offends God to the power He gives to overcome temptation (1 Cor. 10:13).

Of course, we are dealing with that awful subject of homosexuality.  The thing about homosexuals and their defenders is that they are often the most selfish and self-righteous bunch on the face of the earth.  Let’s analyze this tired old argument.  Here’s the logic:  I can run a red light because another driver ran a stop sign.  It is no worse to run a red light than it is to run a stop sign, right? Or, what about this example:  I can drive 100 mph, under the influence of alcohol, in a school zone, which is no worse than it is to drive 60 where the speed limit is 55.  Really?  Then why do you get a heavier fine, lose your license, go to jail, etc., if traffic “sins” are ALL the same?  The proof that not all sin is the same is seen the fact that even human legal codes recognize differences in infractions.

Here is that poorly thought out logic, again from the recent post on social media (paraphrased):  “If you are a Christian and a habitual adulterer, but ask forgiveness every time does that make you better than a homosexual that is true and faithful?”  First of all the facts don’t fit the conclusion.  The claim of “a homosexual that is true and faithful,” now that would be a novel concept.  Male homosexuals are known for short term relationships and hundreds, sometimes thousands of partners. (If you want the facts on this I refer you to an article from the Family Research Council, “Comparing the Lifestyles of Homosexual Couples with Married Couples”).  But for the sake of argument let’s say we consider a “faithful” homosexual.  Do they ask God “every time” they commit an act of homosexuality to forgive them?  If they did, would that make it okay with God?  God lists both adultery and homosexuality as sin in the same basic category, see 1 Cor. 6:9-11.  Well, at least there is the admission that homosexuality is sinful.

Would a professing Christian who repeatedly committed adultery, but asked forgiveness every time, be better?  No, I don’t think so.  The accusation, of course, is that those who preach or teach that homosexuality is sin are disingenuous because they only pick on this one sin.  But that is another tired old argument.  As a preacher of the gospel, I have faithfully preached that ALL sexual immorality is sin, for the entirety of my 42 years of preaching.  The problem is, I doubt seriously that the “Christian” in the example given above is really, well, a “Christian.”  Can a Christian commit adultery and still be saved?  Yes.  But we find that the Bible teaches that continued unrepentant sin, homosexual or otherwise, is a clear indication that one is not saved, in other words, not a true Christian.

Let’s go back to marriage.  The biblical standard is, one man, one woman, period.  Homosexuality is a choice and it does not deserve protected status.  The tired old argument is not with me it is with God.  There will be a judgment Day.   And for the record, when we think of Christian businesses who have chosen not to do business with homosexuals we need to remember that are numerous cases where Christian owners of hotels or bed and breakfast lodging places have refused service to unmarried heterosexual couples.  The same is true with apartment and house rentals.   The accusation that Christians are not consistent may be true in some cases, and where it is true it would be wrong, but the reality is that true believers at least attempt to be consistent.

Well, here comes one more tired old argument – “but God forgives!!  All you have to do is ask!”  Really?  Read that one to me from the Bible please.  You might try Luke 24:47; Acts 2:38; 3:19-20 or Romans 2:4, or any number of other passages – then simply look up the words repent and repentance.  Biblically speaking, there is no receiving of forgiveness until there is repentance.  God did all that was necessary for forgiveness when Christ died on the Cross – but no one can receive it until there is repentance from sin.

And say, what about those adulterers?  What is somewhat amusing is that I preach more against adultery than I ever have against homosexuality.  In the church we have a much greater problem with adultery and heterosexual sin, fornication, pornography, etc., than we do with homosexuality.  But at least the adulterers that I have had opportunity to deal with, preach to, or counsel, are not demanding protected status for their sin.  They know what they are doing is wrong.  Some repent, some don’t.  But I have never had an adulterer say, “Hey, I can commit adultery anytime I want and still be right with God.”  Never.  But I have heard many homosexuals declare that God’s law does not apply to them.  Usually they blame God for making them that way.  Romans 1 will clarify that foolishness.  No one was born a homosexual.  No, they were born sinners, and homosexuality is their sin of choice.

True Bible preaching must declare that everything God calls sin is sin.  It also must declare that regardless of your sin you can be forgiven, you can be set free, and you can be saved and go to heaven.  But there are conditions.  You must acknowledge your sin and turn from it (repent), you must place your faith fully and completely in Christ alone to save you – believing that He was raised from the dead on the third day, and you must surrender control of your life to Christ as Lord (Rom. 2:4; 3:23; 6:23; 5:8 and 10:9-10, 13).

True Bible preaching men and churches do not hate anyone.  The truth is, we love homosexuals more than those who try to give them protected status because we are willing to tell them the truth.  I have confronted many a sinner, including homosexuals, in their sin, and have seen the grace of God work to change their hearts and lives. There is hope in Christ, but in Him alone.  If you are willing to take your chances to one day stand before God and offer your human philanthropy and good deeds in the hope that He will accept that, then so be it.  As for me, I will depend on the shed blood of Christ as my only hope and plea.  If you want to know how to be saved refer to the page “How Do I Get to Heaven?”

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