SEMINAR Info: Understanding Your Motivation for Ministry

The “Understanding Your Motivation for Ministry” Seminar, based on the book, Your Reasonable Service (WestBow Press, 2017), provides a tool that churches can use to determine God’s design for their service to the Lord.  The objective is to help each believer, each church member, discover their Holy Spirit given motivation for ministry. God the Holy Spirit gifted you to motivate you toward a ministry that He would bless.  It is His desire to use you in the service of your Savior, to advance the cause of the Kingdom and for you to be a blessing to your fellow believers.   If you are serious about understanding and using your gift for God’s glory then this seminar will be a valuable help to that end.

The seminar will answer many of your questions about spiritual gifts, such as:  How many spiritual gifts are there?  How do I discover my gift?  Can I have more than one gift?  Should I have all the gifts; can I have all the gifts? How can I most effectively use my gifts?  Do my personality traits or natural human abilities have any bearing on my giftedness?  What is the purpose of spiritual gifts, in other words, why were they given?  How can I know how other Christians are gifted and what does that mean for me?  What impact does a proper biblical understanding of the gifts have on the local church?  What significance do the gifts have in my family?  The seminar will bring biblical clarification to the issue of spiritual gifts with an honest attempt to discover what the Bible says about the gifts.

Understanding Your Motivation for Ministry Seminar

-Equip your church to serve God more faithfully and effectively.  Seminar topics can include:

Introduction – Serving God Faithfully  How confusion and controversy over the gifts hold back the church from the ministry God has called it to accomplish

-Background: Rom. 12; 1 Cor. 12; 1 Pet. 4; YRS Introduction; Chapter 1

  1. The Biblical System of Spiritual GiftsMotivation for a ministry that manifests the power of God

-Background:  1 Cor. 12:1-7; YRS Chapter 2

  1. The Proper Foundation for Discovering Your Gift  –Understanding your place in the body of Christ

-Background:  Rom. 12:1-5; Yrs Chapter 3

  1. Basic Truths about Spiritual Gifts  -Discovering and developing your spiritual gift

-Background:  Rom. 12:6-8; YRS Chapter 4

  1. The Motivational Gift Characteristics, Part 1 –Learning the characteristics of the motivational speaking gifts

-Background:  Rom. 12:6-15; YRS Chapters 5, 7, 8

  1. The Motivational Gift Characteristics, Part 2Learning the characteristics of the motivational serving gifts

-Background:  Rom. 12:6-15; YRS Chapters 6, 9, 10, 11

  1. The Church Serving for the Glory of God  –Understanding Your Purpose as a Servant of God

-Background:  1 Pet. 4:10-11; YRS Chaptes 12, 14

  1. The Relationship of Evangelism to Spiritual Gifts* -Is there a gift of evangelism?

-Background:  Acts 1:8; YRS Chapter 13)

  1. The Truth about Tongues*  –The most abused concept in the modern church related to spiritual gifts

-Background:  1 Cor. 12-14;YRS Chapter 15

*Optional topics

 – Varied Formats Available   –Seminar best completed with 6 hours of instruction.

  • -Possible formats:
  • Weekend Seminars:
  • Friday through Sunday
  • Friday & Saturday
  • Saturday & Sunday
  • Sunday through Wednesday

Seminar Time frame to suit the church schedule.

Contact TREAD Ministries for more information:;  678-993-9461

Endorsement for the Seminar:

“Every summer Auburn First Baptist Church has a 4-evening Bible study for spiritual growth and enrichment. This year Tom Rush led us in a study in Spiritual Gifts, based in Romans 12. As pastors, many of us have taught on this subject but it is a great help for our folks to hear another voice on the subject. Tom’s comprehensive instruction connected Romans 12 with I Corinthians 12-14 and Ephesians 4. It was a great joy, as pastor, to see eyes opened as new believers and seasoned saints alike discovered their own personal enabling from God. Tom did a great job in leading us to discover how we are different by Design! This has continued to foster greater understanding among our people. It has enhanced the “partnership” concept in our congregation. Throughout the study, Tom rightly emphasized the importance of evangelism, regardless of “gifting”.  Your Reasonable Service, Tom’s book on the spiritual gifts is a great ongoing supplement for our folks to read and grow more in this area. Those who read the book before the group study multiplied its effectiveness.”

-Pastor Chris Parkin, First Baptist Church, Auburn, GA


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