TREAD Ministries Testimonials

“Dr. Tom Rush and TREAD Ministries are an asset to the body of Christ. One of the great tragedies of our day is that Christians don’t understand how God desires to use them in a unique way to complete the work of the Church.  Brother Tom helped our congregation tremendously by teaching us the biblical truths of spiritual service and the gifting of the Holy Spirit. His ministry is needed in every church in America!”

-Pastor Blake Dodd, Antioch Baptist Church, Lumberton, NC

 “Tom Rush will minister effectively the teaching and preaching of the Word of God.  I have used Bro. Tom many times and he has never disappointed.  He is an encourager to Pastors and he will challenge your people to walk in the Spirit of God.  Personally, he is one of my closest friends and I trust him completely in my pulpit knowing he will bless my people with his preaching or teaching.  I highly recommend Dr. Tom Rush.”

-Pastor Tommy Fountain, Sr., 1025 Church, Monroe, GA

“Skilled in exegesis of Scripture, consistent in a walk that matches the talk, and committed to delivering biblical truth to anyone willing to hear… that’s my good friend Dr Tom Rush. A man with a heart for God and a love for the spiritual well-being of individuals…what could be more necessary in these last days? I urge you – have this great preacher for a meeting – soon!”

-Dr. Kevin Moore, Pastor/Evangelist, Asburn, GA

“I highly recommend Dr. Tom Rush to speak in churches and denominations for any ministry setting. I have known Dr. Rush for over 30 years and I know him as a man with the heart of a pastor, the passion of a soul winner and the boldness of a soldier! I know that he is a man of his word and a person that you can trust to communicate the whole counsel of God. I encourage pastors and ministers to use him. He is a gift that God has given to the Church!”

Pressing on for Christ, Pastor Mike Griffin, Public Affairs Representative, Georgia Baptist Mission Board, Hartwell, GA

“Every summer Auburn First Baptist Church has a 4-evening Bible study for spiritual growth and enrichment. This year Tom Rush led us in a study in Spiritual Gifts, based in Romans 12. As pastors, many of us have taught on this subject but it is a great help for our folks to hear another voice on the subject. Tom’s comprehensive instruction connected Romans 12 with I Corinthians 12-14 and Ephesians 4. It was a great joy, as pastor, to see eyes opened as new believers and seasoned saints alike discovered their own personal enabling from God. Tom did a great job in leading us to discover how we are different by Design! This has continued to foster greater understanding among our people. It has enhanced the “partnership” concept in our congregation. Throughout the study, Tom rightly emphasized the importance of evangelism, regardless of “gifting”.  Your Reasonable Service, Tom’s book on the spiritual gifts is a great ongoing supplement for our folks to read and grow more in this area. Those who read the book before the group study multiplied its effectiveness.”

-Pastor Chris Parkin, First Baptist Church, Auburn, GA

In a world of unprecedented change, Dr. Tom Rush and TREAD Ministries stand uncompromisingly upon God’s Word. I have personally known Tom and his family for almost two decades, and his heart for Christ, his commitment to Scripture, and his love for the local church allow him to serve pastors and God’s kingdom in refreshing, Christ-honoring ways. I recommend him and his ministry to you with great confidence.

-Dr. John Waters, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Statesboro, GA

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