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An Update on the State of the SBC in 2023 Here is an update to my prior blog on the SBC which is precipitated by the recent actions of the convention at the annual meeting held in New Orleans in June of this year. Previously I shared my deep concern with the slow but steady […]

HOW WE GOT HERE – The SBC Becoming Complicit with Egalitarianism

By Thomas E. Rush I have long realized that an organization the size of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) could certainly experience some degree of downgrade in its theological commitments. There are differences of opinion on certain theological matters that can be expected, and which are not of a nature to render the difference a […]

The Camel’s Nose is Under the SBC Tent

Note:  I am aware of the recent articles from the Houston Chronicle exposing sexual abuse in the Southern Baptist Convention.  In a follow up post I will address that issue and the response that we have seen from SBC leadership relative to the reports, which has in my opinion failed to address the issue in […]