SEMINAR INFO: Evangelism God’s Way

TREAD Ministries is available to come to your church and provide evangelism and outreach training to assist your church in being more effective in reaching the lost in your community.

We provide training in door-to-door and event evangelism efforts.  Some believe that door-2-door evangelism is no longer effective.  This is not true and going out to share the Gospel is acting in obedience to the Great Commission, regardless of the results.

Event evangelism can be done in a number of formats.  Consider any local community event where vendors are allowed to set up a tailgate tent or booth of some sort.  County fairs, community holiday celebrations, city friendship festivals, patriotic events, etc., provide good opportunities to contact large numbers of people.  Church events where you provide activities for families are also a good opportunity to use The Great Exchange evangelism ministry available from TREAD.  If your church does a fall festival, Easter event, or other community outreach event consider adding a specific evangelism effort to your event.

TREAD provides training in how to set up your church outreach ministry; how to initiate gospel conversations using a survey method; and how to effectively share the gospel using the “How to Get to Heaven” tract.

We recommend the following possible schedules:

Option 1 (One Day Saturday Event):

Evangelism Training – 2 or 3 sessions on Saturday morning, Break for Lunch, outreach door-to-door in church community Saturday afternoon.  The two sessions are 1) Evangelism God’s Way; 2) The Gospel Conversation; and (Optional) 3) How to Share the Gospel Effectively

Option 2 (Two Day Event):

Evangelism Training – 3 sessions Saturday afternoon or evening (with meal); training sessions are 1) Evangelism God’s Way; 2) The Gospel Conversation (includes practical instruction for Door-to-Door or Event Evangelism); and 3) How to Share the Gospel Effectively.   Preaching by TREAD in the Sunday AM service on the importance of Evangelism (can provide additional evangelism training for any specific group during Sunday School or small group time); outreach door-to-door in church community Sunday afternoon.  (We have found Sunday afternoon and early evening to be the best time frame during the week to find people at home and willing to talk).

Option 3 (One day Sunday Event):

Preaching on Evangelism in Sunday AM worship; lunch at church; evangelism training – 2 sessions; outreach door-to-door in church community Sunday afternoon.

Option 4 (Community Event Evangelism):

For Community outreach events, schedule evangelism training prior to the event as convenient for the church and TREAD comes in to support and assist with the evangelism effort at your event.  (TREAD can provide a tailgate tent and materials for event, with the church covering the cost of materials used.)

Contact TREAD and schedule an evangelism training for your church soon!

TREAD Ministries
PO Box 1910
Monroe, GA 30655
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