I like to call it “Doobie Brothers Theology.”  Perhaps you recall the rock ‘n roll group the Doobie Brothers who recorded a gospel song back in the 70’s by the title of “Jesus is Just Alright.”  It was a gospel song written by Arthur Reid Reynolds and first recorded by Reynolds’ own group in 1966.  […]

Donald J. Trump will be our next President.  The liberals are crying and many conservatives are rejoicing.  I will leave it to the political pundits to explain how he was elected. Dr. Jody Hice, Congressman from Georgia’s Tenth District, made an astute observation after the election.  He said, “Millions have been praying for mercy, and […]

The choices for President in this year’s election are not cause for rejoicing if you are a Bible believing Christian.  But if we are honest we’d have to admit that in most presidential elections, particularly in recent years, the choices have never been such as to make the decision easy, if the character of the […]

We are living in a day when the things of God are mostly ignored in society. Sadly the church is just as often guilty of ignoring the things of God. Last year we were all deeply saddened at the tragic and senseless murder of nine church goers at a Wednesday evening prayer service in a […]

March 9, 2016 The Honorable Nathan Deal, Governor of Georgia Dear Governor, It was with great and abiding sadness that I read your recent comments in the Atlanta Journal Constitution regarding religious liberty (Deal: Reject ‘religious liberty’). After hearing you speak at the Faith & Freedom Coalition meeting last week I was confident that you […]

Mr. Andy Stanley, I have something to say to you regarding your insistence on making the church a place the unchurched would love to attend.  You say, “As committed as our team is to creating churches for unchurched people, we still have to fight the pull toward becoming a church for church people. Honestly, I […]

It is usually senseless to argue the Bible or Christian truth with the lost. They do not have the Holy Spirit to guide them and have no real or serious interest in the study of the things of God. From a Christian standpoint you can articulate a good argument that will fall on deaf ears. […]

There is a relatively new phenomenon in our society that just happens to irritate the daylights out of me. It is a practice that goes by several different names, most notably; “slacktivism” and “hashtag activism”. For those of you unfamiliar with the term “hashtag”, it means adding a pound sign, #, in front of a […]

I’ve been preaching through the Book of Revelation over the last couple of years and we have finally made our way into chapters 21 and 22.  These chapters contain a great deal of information about the subject of heaven, which has been made popular again in recent days. I got to thinking about an old […]

I truly had a fantastic time at the Southern Baptist Convention I attended in Baltimore recently. There is nothing quite like getting together with 6,000 or so of your best friends. We, as Southern Baptists, are blessed beyond measure to be part of an organization which stands firmly on the ground of the inerrancy of […]